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The solutions we seek

to the challenges we face

can be found in the stories we share

Personal, professional and organisational development with a Creative Edge

By understanding your story, we collaboratively identify solutions to your challenges.

We apply this process to CPD SupportPresentation Skills, Strategic Team BuildingOrganisational Health & Wellbeing.


Creative Edge is a narrative service. We use creative, therapeutic and narrative processes to enable clients to find a path through the unknown and unpredictable. 

We are client centered and recognise the client in context within a culturally diverse, pschyo-biosocial environment. 

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We are already working with three other businesses (one of which it has been the founder of.)

In the current situation, and in a post OCVID environment we believe collaboration will be the key to surviving and indeed thriving in a changeable and volatile world.

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We work with all kinds of clients, but the common factor between all of them is a passion for what they are striving to achieve. 

Creative Edge clients are driven, achieving and open to new experiences. 

However, don't take our word for it, find out what people have said themselves. ,




I created this company following a series of life traumas. Creative Edge has been born and raised in difficult times, including recovery from brain injury and a COVID-19 handbrake turn. 

One thing I have learned is that there is no quick fix. I cannot offer any 3 step solutions, I cannot tell you how every step of the way is going to look. 

What I can do is offer you a promise and a guarantee. I have composed this short video to tell you more, so please hit the button and find out what we might achieve together. 


David Nixon

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