As a performer I know that my audience makes the show - without them I am just a mad man talking to an empty room. In the same way, my clients and customers are my business. This is what they have said so far.

  • I have been working with David on a large project for the past 6 months to develop a high-level modular training program for senior executives. Whilst I am experienced in planning and course design, I have been consistently impressed with the way David effortlessly steers the creative process to discover all manner of ideas and concepts that would have remained hidden were it left to just me and my team. This, in turn, has allowed us to position ourselves uniquely in the market and price it well above similar offerings. David is a joy to work with. His wit & humour never fail to raise my spirits, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of literature always leaves me better educated after every conversation! In short, I cannot recommend David highly enough.

    Dan Padbury, former RAF Commander & Pilot & Business Strategist

  • When you think of Creative Edge, you think of David. He’s energetic, charismatic, fun loving, cheerful, and knowledgeable. I recently collaborated with David, and I will very happily work with him again. If you’re looking to tell your story and chart your direction, David is who you need.

    Valentina Hynes, Holistic Wellbeing & Happiness & Work Specialist

  • I met David on a number of virtual networking events and following one in which I presented I asked for David to give any feedback he felt may help. I am not a natural presenter so the feedback David gave was fantastic. It was very constructive and to the point and focused on all areas including the good bits which there were surprisingly quite a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending David to clients and colleagues and will certainly be asking him to watch over my improved presentation skills in the future.

    Graham Fountain, Business Development Manager

  • I was struggling to put order into my thoughts and ideas toidentify what my unique selling point is. David drew my story fromme and gave me clarity and direction. His ability to identify andask the right questions is amazing and I am glad to have investedmy time with him.

    Kate Vayle, Virtual Assistant

  • I have been incredibly impressed with David's ability to present and so was very grateful to receive personal help and mentoring for my own presentation. As we are faced with a future of presenting in new ways it is very important to be able to achieve that with authenticity and engagement even (and especially) when in an online environment. David is very intuitive and highly skilled at both the art of presentation and crafting words for himself, and bringing it to life to enable other people to develop those same skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend David to help in getting confident and competent in speaking skills. 

    Rachel Bentley, Strategy Coach

  • As a Senior Lecturer, I have found Davids workshops useful and interesting when learning the background and techniques of presenting effectively. His sessions inject humour and he ensures there is audience participation which helps sustain interest in the subject. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future. 

    Karen Henderson, Senor Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

  • BDN had the privilege of inviting Dave to speak at our event this evening. He delivered a captivating, educational and highly engaging talk on 'Story Telling in the 21st Century from 330 BC onwards'. How he related Ancient Greek philosophy with 19th Century German theatre and then into modern day public speaking was incredible, and our attendees were thoroughly impressed. One of the best talks we have had at BDN, and I look forward to working with Dave again soon.

    Paul Wood, BDN Founder & Creative Strategist

  • I attended David and Paula's 'Working the Room' pilot session and found their approach to teaching the subject matter insightful, informative and inspiring. Their delivery style was organic and not mechanic, with practical tips and strategies to explore and implement. I look forward to the next session!

    Saffron Wylde, Project Consultant & Philanthropist

  • David's style and approach is fantastic! He creates a fun environment to hone your skills. More importantly, the results he has produced have been instantly noticeable. I would recommend David to anyone who wish to improve their presenting skills or struggle with confidence when stood in front of an audience.

    Ron Maycock, Business Coach

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