Imbolc, COVID & Time to Dream.

This January has gone in the blink of an eye,

says my daughter, reflecting on the new year so far.

We are walking along the river on a rare meet up opportunity. COVID and the subsequent lockdowns have separated us physically, if not emotionally, for the longest period ever. Months have passed with only face time and phone calls to keep our relationship alive and vibrant. It's a good thing we make each other laugh. It's a good thing we both understand the situation. She lives in a different area to me so we avoid contact to keep everyone safe. Saying goodbye without a hug and kiss goes against nature, but there we are. So many things are feeling unnatural at the moment. We are in a most unnatural place.

Or are we?

Out of my window some late winter snow has fallen. Already it is melting and the tap, tap, tapping of thawing snow is the soundtrack to my reflections. All around me nature is either starting to rub its eyes as it slowly wakes from hibernation, or it stirs restlessly, holding on to the last vestiges of sleep, before it must burst back into life. My mind goes back to the comment made by my daughter about time going quickly, and I realise that my concept of time has been altered. Partly by living in semi isolation in a rural landscape where time is less of a constant and more a series of rhythms and emerging events; and partly by the impact of COVID and our shift in both personal and social timetables.

The weeks are no longer marked by workdays and weekends. The weekends are no longer marked by drinking, eating recovering (or whatever you do in whatever order.) My days start around five or six o'clock, I work until twelve then sleep. I then decide what I want to do for the rest of the day; working, walking, reading. I have come to follow a different rhythm.

Let us nurture the spirit of renewal and embrace the light of the lengthening days.

Today is the second day of Imbolc (pronounced Im'olk or Oi' melc). A Celtic Pagan festival which heralds the beginning of the return of the sun. It marks the midway point between Yule and Ostara, the Spring equinox. Or Christmas and Easter, if you prefer. Traditionally Imbolc is a time of gathering, of lighting fires and praying for a healthy harvest in six months time. Brigid is the Goddess of Imbolc, she is also the goddess of fire and fertility. This is therefore a time for feminine energy to come to the fore and lay the ground for a fruitful year.

These are ancient wisdoms rooted in patterns and processes formed by our natural environment. The environment we are sustained by, joined together by and partaking in every day. If you don't believe me, take a breath, you are a part of a natural order.

In January we decided to start aligning our business plan with the Celtic Pagan 'Wheel of the Year.' In terms of time, this means that we are less bound by an ever decreasing resource, counting down the seconds of our own mortality, as is the case with linear time. Now we are synchronising with a pattern of events, celebrations and markers. All of them players in the annual story of Solar orbit. We have added planning periods to the wheel, reflection time, action time. We have even allocated Napoleon Hill's thirteen business principles with the thirteen lunar cycles.

We are beginning to operate on a three day cycle described by the lunar phases. This means that the progress of the business. Our own circadian rhythms and the natural cycles of the land are all working in balance. Nothing is forced - we are not trying to reinvent the wheel or conduct magic, we are simply aligning our activity with a natural pattern of time keeping and organisation.

Which means that...

Creative Edge has three clear KPIs (Key Pagan Influences)

  • An exploration of indigenous and ancient knowledge.

  • A holistic approach to wellbeing and personal performance.

  • Stimulation of growth, harvest and yield through ritualised behaviours.

This is the first blog of a new year of a new venture. The strategy this year is to create a strong, measured momentum. Sustainable through planning according to the lunar cycle and the wheel of the year.

Happy Imbolc and I wish you a calm and focussed start to what I hope will be a healthy and rewarding transition for all.

Remember to always make time to dream.

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Bye for now.

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