Driftwood is a model for the future. Fusing principles of sustainable living, social responsibility and private enterprise. 

The Driftwood resource will offer COVID responsive live events as well as online resources for business, personal and professional development. In time we will be using the venue to train those who have great ideas but lack the access to resources. 

The project is currently in the development stage with a interim soft openeing planned for the 21st June. 

Strategic Advantage

Creative Edge has been working with Strategic Advantage since early 2020.


Dan Collingridge-Padbury, former RAF officer and pilot, has built a unique team of highly experienced professionals, across multiple sectors and disciplines, who all share a curiosity and drive to continually explore new ways to improve organisational performance.


Strategic Advantage offers rapid and direct solutions across strategy, operations, and innovation. See the website or take the Strategic Challenge by completing the short-form survey.

Prime Wellbeing

Creative Edge has teamed up with Prime Wellbeing to create the foundation for the Driftwood entity. Catherine Hunt has 25 years experience as a holistic health and wellbeing therapist. 

Her knowledge spans both clinical and the therapeutic and her approach facilitates a space where healing and recovery occur as client led experiences. 

Catherine is currently practicing a COVID service so hours are limited. 

The Kawa Model

The Kawa Model is at the very core of everything that Creative Edge is and does. David Nixon has been a key developer for this Occupational Therapy based framework since 2009. In 2014 he travelled to Yokohama, Japan to deliver a series of presentation on his work around the 'Poetic Language of Rivers.'

You can also benefit from the Kawa approach as it is now part of the Continuing Professional Development aspect of Creative Edge. 

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