We are all explorers


Creative Edge is an adventure, and we are all explorers.


Our approach is rooted in the tradition of story telling, performance and use of plot. 



For a hundred thousand years we have been making sense of the universe via stories.


I incorporate these traditions, ancient and modern into my work. 

Your personal and professional development is a story that only you can tell.

The exploring is something we do together. 

Service Framework

  • CPD Support Framework

    Supervision & Reflection

    At Creative Edge we love working with coaches.

    You guys are naturally inquisitive, creative thinkers and always looking for new horizons. 


    This service has been designed to support coaches with their own continuing, personal & professional development.  

  • Working the Room

    Presentation Skills

    Have you pivoted to an online service as a result of COVID? 


    Presentation skills have become a must have for just about all of us. Whether you are a sole trader or managing a large staff,  Cresative Edge can provide a  training package for improving your presentation skills. 



  • Narrative Patterning

    Teambuilding & Strategic Planning

    This is an ideal product for forward thinking HR organisations and departments, as well businesses that are looking for a gamified and creative approach to team building, strategy and planning.


    We are still in the R&D phase with NP, so please book a call for more info. 

  • Mind, Body & Space

    Workplace Wellbeing

    We work long term with medium to large organisations who recognise that a healthy and happy staff means a productive and efficient business. 


    We consider all aspects of health: physical, mental, environmental, bvehavioural and cultural.  

  • Designed by You

    A Bespoke Service

    If your needs are complex and you would prefer to pick and choose from all or some of these products, then please get in touch to arrange this. 

    Creating a model tailored to you is an excellent way of ensuring satisfaction. 



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